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You could be saving more than 5 time the cost of your domain name per year! Choose us as your domain name registrar and start saving now!

Quester Web Technologies provides the following complimentary domain name services FREE of charge to all our customers: The affordable domain registration fee you pay include a full year of domain name ownership and all the services we provide. No additional or hidden costs involved.

• You can register long names at Quester Web Technologies Up to 63 characters in length (a total of 67 characters if you count the ".com")!
• We provide you with your own web-based services account whereby you can easily manage and keep track of each domain name. You can even update your contact information anytime, which can take days or even weeks if you depend on your registrar.
• You can choose to use our DNS servers or use your own host servers by updating it from our Domains Manager at anytime. There's no restriction as to how often you can change your DNS server information.
• We provide free email forwarding addresses for your domain. You can have, for example,, or, etc. You may use these addresses and redirect them to any email account you are currently using.
• We have included a new feature for your email set up. You can now create a "Catch All" account to receive any emails that are sent to your domain. You will not miss any email because of mistyped or non-existent email account anymore!
• We provide free host names or sub-domains (for example, or for your site and you can "point" them to any existing URLs, so that when someone types your domains into a browser, they will go where you want them to.
• If you do not have a website setup yet we will provide you with a domain parking page, for FREE.
• You can point your domain name to any IP address or URL on the Internet with two types of URL redirection/forwarding. There's no-advertising, no popup banners and no delay for your URL forwarding! You can choose to let your visitor see your domain name only (cloaked) or the actual web address (eg.
• You may transfer the ownership of your domain to any person without any additional charge. This is great for people who wants to register domains with potential value and resell them to their clients. You could potentially make a profit of many times the cost of a domain name.

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